1927 Holy Spirit School was founded by the Maryknoll Sisters.
  1930 The school moved to 140 Caine Road and comprised 7 classrooms.
  1941 The school was forced to close during the Second World War.
  1948 The school was reopened and renamed Maryknoll School.
  1957 The school moved to Blue Pool Road, with two streams of primary classes from P.1 to P.6. It was renamed Maryknoll Sisters' School.
  1961 The school moved to 336 Tai Hang Road and provided 24 classes for over 900 students.
  1978 The Maryknoll Sisters handed over the administration of the school to the Columban Sisters after 52 years of service.
  1983 The school was renamed Marymount Primary School.
  1998 The Columban Sisters transferred the sponsorship of the school to the Christian Life Community (CLC).
  2002 The school moved to 22 Cloud View Road, North Point and started operation of whole-day schooling
  2006 The school moved back to Tai Hang Road